Driftin' (A&M 1978)

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Producer: Louie Shelton

Drums: Ed Greene, James Divisek
Guitars: Louie Shelton, Bobby Alessi, Wah Wah Watson, Lee Ritenour
Bass: Dennis Belfield, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel
Keyboards: Greg Mathieson, Billy Alessi, Brian Whitcomb, Greg Phillinganes
Synthesizer: Steve Porcaro
Percussion: Alan Estes, Vince Charles
Sax: Don Menza, Jim Seals
Background Vocals: Richie Havens, Dash Crofts

    1. Dancing in the halls of love
    2. Driftin'
    3. Believer
    4. Rainbows go on forever
    5. Space
    6. You're out of love
    7. That's when she touched me
    8. I don't wanna lose you
    9. Not tonight
   10. Just can't stop you