All For A Reason (A&M 1977)

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Producer: David Lucas

Drums: Steve Gadd, Andy Newmark, Bob Riley
Bass : Will Lee, Rafael Goldfield
Keyboards: Richard Tee, Billy Alessi, David Lucas
Guitars: John Tropea, David Spinozza, Bobby Alessi, Charlie Brown, Jimmy Rippetoe
Percussion: Victoria
Sax: David Sanborn
Horns: Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, Alan Rubin, George Young
All Vocals: Billy Alessi and Bobby Alessi

    1. Love to have your love
    2. All for a reason
    3. Farewell
    4. Avalon
    5. Air cushion
    6. London
    7. Hate to be in love
    8. You can crowd me
    9. Make it last
   10. Here again