Long Time Friends (Qwest 1982)

Producers: Christopher Cross and Michael Ostin

Drums: Tommy Taylor, Jeff Porcaro
Keyboards: Rob Meurer, Robbie Buchanan
Bass: Roscoe Beck, Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars: Christopher Cross, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton
Percussion: Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman
Synthesizer: Robbie Buchanan, Michael Omartian, Michael Boddicker
Sax: Tom Scott, Ernie Watts
Background Vocals: Christopher Cross, Patti Austin

    1. Jagged edge
    2. You got the way
    3. As far as I'm concerned
    4. Rise up
    5. I'm gonna tell her tonight
    6. Put away your love
    7. What a way to go
    8. Still in love
    9. How long how much
   10. Forever
   11. Long time friends