Ali Thomson

Take A Little Rhythm (A&M 1980)


Producers: Ali Thomson and Jon Kelly

Drums: Richard Bailey, Jeff Phillips, Ted McKenna
Bass: Durban Laverde, Gerry McAvoy, Ali Thomson
Guitars: Phillip Wright, Alan Murphy, Ali Thomson
Keyboards: William C. Lyall, James Lacelles, Pete Filleul, Dave Rose, Ali Thomson
Percussion: Julian Diggle, Charlie Spiteri
Sax: Dave Roach
Background Vocals: Debi Doss, Carol Kenyon, Sylvia Mason, Sonia Jones

   1. Take a little rhythm
   2. Saturday heartbreaker
   3. Fool's society
   4. We were all in love
   5. African queen
   6. Live every minute
   7. Jamie
   8. Page by page
   9. The Hollywood role
  10. A goodnight song