Bill LaBounty

Back To Your Star (Chill Pill 2009)

Producers: Danny Parks and Bill LaBounty

Drums: Brian Fullen, Tommy Wells, Chad Cromwell
Bass: David Hungate, Michael Rhodes, Steve Wariner
Guitars: Danny Parks, Larry Carlton, Steve Wariner
Keyboards: Bill LaBounty
Percussion: Steve Wariner
Harmonica: Robbie Dupree
Sax: Sam Levine
Background Vocals: Robbie Dupree, Suzanne Young, Tom Flora, Steve Wariner

1. Back to your star
   2. California turnaround
   3. Dianne
   4. Stay high
   5. Old habits
   6. Running on fumes
   7. Cinderella
   8. HWY 85
   9. Golden now
  10. The wheels are coming off
  11. Fly away
  12. River girl