Bill LaBounty

Rain in My Life (W.B./Curb 1979)

Producer: Jay Senter

Drums: Jack White, Roy Yeager
Guitars: Ron Culbertson, Steve Gibson
Bass: David Jackson, Reggie McBride, Jack Williams
Keyboards: Randy Hart, Bill LaBounty
Synthesizer: Shane Keister
Percussion: Mike Harvey, Jack White, Oliver Brown
Sax: Jim Gordon
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Background Vocals: Marcy Levy, Randy Hart

1. Dancin' tonight
   2. Trail to your heart (sailing without a sail)
   3. Isn't it a cry
   4. Drops of water
   5. I'm hurtin'
   6. Sometimes love songs make me cry
   7. What about you
   8. Clap me in irons
   9. To hear the band
   10. Little rivers