Carly simon

No Secrets (Elektra 1972)

Producer: Richard Perry

Drums: Andy Newmark, Jim Gordon, Jim Keltner
Guitars: Carly Simon, Paul Keough, Jimmy Ryan, Lowell George
Bass: Jimmy Ryan, Klaus Voorman
Piano: Carly Simon, Kirby Johnson, Peter Robinson
Organ: Bill Payne
Percussion: Ray Cooper, Richard Perry
Sax: Bobby Keyes
Background Vocals: Liza Strike, Vicki Johnson, James Taylor, Bonnie Bramlett, Doris Troy

1. The right thing to do
   2. The Carter family
   3. You're so vain
   4. His friends are more than fond of Robin
   5. We have no secrets
   6. Embrace me, you child
   7. Waited so long
   8. It was so easy
   9. Night owl
  10. When you close your eyes