Carly Simon

Playing Possum (Elektra 1975)

Producer: Richard Perry

Drums: Andrew Gold, Andy Newmark, Ringo Starr, Russ Kunkel, Jim Gordon
Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Andrew Gold, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Jeff Baxter
Bass: Klaus Voorman, Willie Weeks, Lee Sklar
Piano: Carly Simon, Billy Mernit, Dr. John
Keyboards: James Newton Howard
Percussion: Alan Estes, Emil Richards
Sax: Trevor Lawrence
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Background Vocals: Rita Coolidge, Clydie King, Rodney Richmond, Vini Poncia, Maxine Willard Julia Tillman, Carole King, Kenny Moore

1. After the storm
    2. Love out in the street
    3. Look me in the eyes
    4. More and more
    5. Slave
    6. Attitude dancing
    7. Sons of summer
    8. Waterfall
    9. Are you ticklish
   10. Playing possum