Carly Simon

Another Passenger (Elektra 1976)

Producer: Ted Templeman

Drums: John Hartman, Keith Knudsen, Richie Hayward, Jim Keltner, Andy Newmark
Guitars: Carly Simon, Jeff Baxter, Andrew Gold, Patrick Simmons, James Taylor, Paul Barrère, Tom Johnston, Lowell George, Glenn Frey
Bass: Tiran Porter, Klaus Voorman, Kenny Gradney, Bob Glaub
Piano: Michael McDonald, Mark Jordan
Keyboards: Michael McDonald, Carly Simon, Bill Payne
Percussion: Victor Feldman, Milt Holland
Sax: Andrew Love
Background Vocals: Ellen Kearney, Leah Kunkel, Linda Ronstadt, Michael McDonald, Patrick Simmons, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Richie Hayward, Libby Titus, Alex Taylor

1. Half a chance
    2. It keeps you runnin'
    3. Fairweather father
    4. Cow town
    5. He likes to roll
    6. In times when my head
    7. One love stand
    8. Riverboat gambler
    9. Darkness 'til dawn
   10. Dishonest modesty
   11. Libby
   12. Be with me