Carly Simon

Spoiled Girl (Epic 1985)

Producers: Paul Samwell-Smith, Don Was, Phil Ramone, Russ Kunkel, T. Bone Wolk, Arthur Baker, Andy Goldmark

Drums: Mickey Curry, Russ Kunkel, Liberty DeVitto, William Beard
Drum Machine: Jimmy Bralower
Guitars: Robby Kilgore, Ira Siegel, John McCurry, G.E. Smith, Stuart kimball, Jim Ryan
Bass: T-Bone Wolk, Neil Jason, Doug Wimbush
Keyboards: Robby Kilgore, David LeBolt, Bill Payne, Stuart Kimball, Fred Zarr
Synthesizers: Bill Payne, Robby Kilgore, Carly Simon, Andy Goldmark
Percussion: Bashiri Johnson
Sax: Jeff Smith
Background Vocals: Lucy Simon, Paul Samwell-Smith, Ron Taylor, Andy Goldmark, Rory Dodd, Eric Troyer, John McCurry, Luther Vandross

1. My new boyfriend
   2. Come back home
   3. Tonight and forever
   4. Spoiled girl
   5. Tired of being blonde
    6. The wives are in Connecticut
   7. Anyone but me
   8. Interwiev
   9. Make me feel somehting
  10. Can't give it up