Carly Simon

Coming Around Again (Arista 1987)

Producers: Russ Kunkel, Bill Payne, George Massenburg, Paul Samwell-Smith, Richard perry, Bryan Adams, John Boylan, Frank Filipetti, Rob Mounsey

Drums: Russ Kunkel, Mickey Curry
Drum Machine: Jimmy Bralower, Frank Filipetti, Andy Goldmark
Guitars: Hugh McCracken, T-Bone Wolk, Keith Scott, Jimmy Ryan, John McCurry
Bass: Tony Levin, Dave Taylor
Keyboards: Carly Simon, Bill Payne, Scott Martin, Dave Pickell, Rob Mounsey, Robby Kilgore
Piano: Carly Simon, Rob Mounsy
Synthesizers: Leon Pendarvis
Percussion: Jimmy Bralower
Harmonica: Stevie Wonder
Sax: Michael Brecker
Background Vocals: Scott Martin, Terry Homberg, Paul Samwell-Smith, Lucy Simon, Jimmy Ryan, Lani Groves, Gordon Grody, Will Lee, Roberta Flack, Sally Taylor, Ben Taylor

1. Coming around again
    2. Give me all night
    3. As time goes by
    4. Do the walls come down
    5. It should have been me
    6. The stuff that dreams are made off
    7. Two hot girls (on a hot summer night)
    8. You have to hurt
    9. All I want is you
   10. Hold what you've got
   11. Itsy bitsy spider