Carly Simon

Have You Seen Me Lately (Arista 1990)

Producers: Frank Filipetti and Paul Samwell-Smith

Drums: Steve Gadd
Drum Programming: Jimmy Bralower
Guitars: Jimmy Ryan, Carly Simon, Jay Berliner, John McCurry
Bass: Will Lee, Bruce Samuels
Keyboards: Teese Gohl, Carly Simon
Percussion: Nana Vasconcelos
Trumpet: Marvin Stamm
Background Vocals: Will Lee, Lani Groves, Lucy Simon, Jimmy Ryan, Paul Samwell-Smith, Sally Taylor, Ben Taylor, Judy Collins

1. Better not tell her
   2. Didn't I ?
   3. Have you seen me lately ?
   4. Life is eternal
   5. Waiting at the gate
   6. Happy birthday
   7. Holding me tonight
   8. Its not like him
   9. Don't wrap it up
  10. Fisherman's song
  11. We just got here