Cory Wells

Touch Me (A&M 1978)

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Producer: David Anderle with Cory Wells

Drums: Mike Baird
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Guitars: Jay Graydon, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Dan Ferguson
Piano: David Foster
Keyboards: Mike Utley, David Foster, Jay Gruska
Synthesizer: Jay Graydon, David Foster
Percussion: Jack Ashford, Steve Forman
Horns: Dean Parks, Chuck Findley
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Venette Gloud, Jim Gilstrap, Oren Waters, Luther Waters, Jennifer Warnes, Jay Gruska, Kathryn Collier, Rita Coolidge

1. Waiting for you
   2. When you touch me this way
   3. You're my day
   4. Everything's right for love
   5. Midnight lady
   6. Starlight
   7. Throw a little bit of love my way
   8. I know you're willin' darlin'
   9. Change of heart
  10. Lady put the light out