Craig Ruhnke

Keep The Flame (A&M 1984) ristampa di "True Love"

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Producer: Craig Ruhnke

Drums: Barry Keane
Bass: Tom Szczesniak
Guitars: Craig Ruhnke, Bob Mann, Al Leger
Keyboards: Craig Ruhnke
Percussion: Matt Zimbel
Sax: John Johnson
Lead Vocal on "Two hearts": Debbie Fleming
Background Vocals: Colina Phillips, Shawn Jackson, Sharon Lee Williams

1. Keep the flame
   2. True love
   3. Ooh baby
   4. Nancy Jane
   5. It's a been such a longtime
   6. Two hearts
   7. You're so beautiful
   8. Give me the nightime
   9. Baby blue
  10. You're all that I need
  11. One love
  12. You are my inspiration