Crosby & Nash

Crosby & Nash (Sanctuary 2004) 2CD

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Producers: Nathaniel Kunkel, Russ Kunkel, Graham Nash, David Crosby

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Bass: Leland Sklar
Guitars: David Crosby, Graham Nash, Dean Parks, Jeff Pevar, Dan Dugmore, Steve Farris
Piano: Graham Nash, Matt Rollings
Keyboards: James Raymond
Harmonica: Graham Nash
Percussion: Russ Kunkel, Luis Conte
Lead Vocals: David Crosby, Graham Nash
Background Vocals: Arnold McCuller, Kate Markovitz, Windy Wagner, David Crosby, Graham Nash


Disc 1
1.  Lay me down
2.  Puppeteer
3.  Through here quite often
4.  Grace
5.  Jesus of Rio
6.  I surrender
7.  Luck dragon
8.  On the other side of town
9.  Half your angels
10. They want it all
11. How does it shine?
Disc 2
1.  Don't dig here
2.  Milky way tonight
3.  Charlie
4.  Penguin in a palm tree
5.  Michael (hedges here)
6.  Samurai
7.  Shining on your dreams
8.  Live on (the wall)
9.  My country 'tis of thee