Danny Peck

Heart and Soul (Arista 1977)

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Producers: David Foster and Jay Lewis

Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Willie Ornelas, Harvey Mason
Guitars: Danny Peck, Jay Lewis, Eddie Patterson, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon
Bass: Mike Porcaro, Pops Powell, Henry Davis, Tony Dumas
Keyboards: David Foster, David Paich
Harmonica: Jay Lewis
Percussion: Victor Feldman
Sax: Tom Scott, Ernie Watts
Horns: Steve Madaio, Bob Findley, Jim Horn, Bruce Paulson
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Carmen Twilly, Neddi Gloud, The Brooklyn Dreams

1. Halo of fire
    2. Looking so hard
    3. The smoke is rising
    4. Dream girl
    5. Brother of mine
    6. This could be a real nice place
    7. I do
    8. Take your baby home
    9. That's the way it is
   10. Where is my heart