Dave Loggins

Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop) (Epic 1974)

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Producers: Glen Spreen, Dave Loggins, Jerry Crutchfield

Drums: Jerry Carrigan, John Guerin, Kenny Malone, John Raines, Larry London
Guitars: Dave Loggins, Steve Gibson, Billy Sanford, Mike Noble
Bass: Norbert Putman, Lee Sklar,
Piano: Shane Keister, William Smith, David Briggs
Fiddle: Johnny Gimble
Cello: Byron Bach
Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick
Percussion: Farrell Morris
Background Vocals: Brenda Gordon, Pat Coulter, Brooks Hunnicutt

1. Someday
   2. My lover's keeper
   3. Second hand lady
   4. Let me go now
   5. So you couldn't get to me
   6. Please come to Boston
   7. Girl from Knoxville
   8. Sunset woman
   9. My father's fiddle
  10. Wonder'n as the days go by