David Loggins

David Loggins (Epic 1979)

Producer: Brent Maher

Drums: Kenny Malone
Guitars: Jon Goin, Steve Gibson, Bruce Dees, David Loggins
Bass: Steve Brantley, Jack Williams
Keyboards: Randy Goodrum, Shane Keister, Bobby Emmons
Sax: Quitman Dennis, Blue Jay Patten
Percussion: Farrell Morris, Kenny Malone
Background Vocals: Steve Brantley, Bruce Dees, Sherry Kramer

1. Face in the window
    2. You made me feel love
    3. If I had my wish tonight
    4. A woman that you can't have
    5. Tell me anything but the truth
    6. The fool in me
    7. Pieces of april
    8. Rain so hard
    9. Stones (dig a little deeper)
   10. My dream lover