Dave Mason


Alone Together (Blue Thumb 1970)
Dave Mason & Cass Elliott (Blue Thumb 1971)
Headkeeper (Blue Thumb 1972) studio/live
Dave Mason is Alive! (Blue Thumb 1973) live
It's Like You Never Left (Columbia 1973)
The Best of Dave Mason (Blue Thumb 1974) antologia
Dave Mason (Columbia 1974)
Split Coconut (Columbia 1975)
Certified Live (Columbia 1976) 2LP live
Let It Flow (Columbia 1977)
Very Best of Dave Mason (Blue Thumb/ABC 1978) antologia
Mariposa De Oro (Columbia 1978)
Old Crest On a New Wave (Columbia 1980)
The Best of David Mason (Columbia 1981) antologia
Some Assembly Required (Chumley 1987)
Two Hearts (MCA 1987)