David Cassidy

Gettin' It In The Street (RCA 1977)

Producer:  David Cassidy & Gerry Beckley


Bass: Bryan Garofalo
Drums: David Kemper
Keyboards: David Cassidy,Gerry Beckley, Jay Gruska
Guitars: David Cassidy, Steve Ross, Gerry Beckley, Mick Ronson, Bryan Garofalo
Percussion: Gerry Beckley, Jay Gruska, David Kemper
Sax: Ernie Watts
Backing Vocals: Gerry Beckley, Jay Gruska, Bryan Garofalo

    1. Gettin' It In The Street
    2. Cruise To Harlem
    3. I'll Have To Go Away (Saying Goodbye)
    4. The Story Of Rock And Roll
    5. I Never Saw You Coming
    6. Living A Lie
    7. Rosa's Cantina
    8. Love, Love The Lady
    9. Junked Heart Blues