Dionne Warwick

No Night So Long (Arista 1980)

Producer: Steve Buckingham

Drums: James Stroud
Bass: Tom Robb
Guitars: Larry Brown, Steve Buckingham
Keyboards: Randy McCormick
Synthesizer: Joe Neil
Organ: Isaac Hayes
Percussion: Mickey Buckins
Sax: Jay Scott
Horns: Emilio Castillo, Lenny Pickett, Steve Kupka, Mic Gilette
Background Vocals: Kim Carnes, Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Nick Uhrig, Marc Piscitelli

1. Easy love
    2. No night so long
    3. It's the falling in love
    4. When the world runs out of love
    5. We never said goodbye
    6. How you once loved me
    7. Reaching for the sky
    8. Sweetie Pie
    9. Somebody's angel
   10. We had this time