Dionne Warwick

Heartbreaker (Arista 1982)

Producers: Barry Gibb, Karl Richardson and Albhy Galuten

Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: George Perry, Barry Gibb
Guitars: Tim Renwick, George Terry
Piano: Richard tee, Geroge Bitzer, Albhy Galuten
Synthesizers: Geroge Bitzer, Albhy Galuten
Percussion: Joe Lala, Dennis Byron, Daniel Zebulon, Anita Lopez
Sax: Gary Brown
Horns: Peter Graves, Brett Murphey, Whit Sidener, Dan Bonsanti, Neal Bonsanti, Ken Faulk
Background Vocals: Barry Gibb

1. Heartbreaker
   2. It makes no difference
   3. Yours
   4. Take the short way home
   5. Misunderstood
   6. All the love in the world
   7. I can't see anything (but you)
   8. Just one more night
   9. You are my love
  10. Our day will come