Come Into Our World (ARC 1979)

Producer: Maurice White

Drums: Steve Ferrone, Ricky Lawson, Fred White, Leon Ndugu Chandler
Bass: Keni Burke, Charles Hosch, Verdine White
Guitars: Marlo Henderson, Roland Bautista
Keyboards: Tennyson Stevens, Wayne Vaughn, David Foster, David Paich, Gary Glenn
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Horns: Bobby Bryant, Steve Madaio, Elmer Brown, Louis Satterfield, Maurice Spears, Lew McCreary, Don Myrick, Fred Jackson
All Vocals: Emotions

1. What's the name of your love?
   2. Cause I love you
   3. Come into my world
   4. On & on
5. I should be dancing
   6. Where is your love?
   7. The movie
   8. Layed back
   9. Yes, I am