New Affair (ARC 1981)

Producer: Billy Meyers

Drums: Ricky Lawson, Steve Ferrone
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus, Kenny Burke, Freddie Washington
Guitars: Carlos Rios, Marlo Henderson, Roland Bautista, Greg Moore
Keyboards: Billy Meyers, Wayne Vaughn, David Paich, Tennyson Stevens
Synthesizer: Rick Kelly
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Oscar Brashear, Chuck Findley, George Bohanon, Bob Payne, Bill Reichenbach, Maurice Spears, Louis Satterfield, Donald Myrick, Jerome Richardson
All Vocals: Emotions

1. All night, alright
   2. Love lies
   3. Now that I know
   4. There'll never be another moment
   5. Turn it out
   6. New affair
   7. Here you come again
   8. When you gonna wake up