Eric Carmen

Eric Carmen (Geffen 1985)

Producers: Bob Gaudio, Don Gehman

Drums: Eric Carmen, Dwight Krueger, Michael McBride
Bass: Steve Knill
Guitars: Eric Carmen, Dan Hrdlicka, Richard Reising
Piano: Eric Carmen
Keyboards: Eric Carmen, George Sifl
Synthesizers: Eric Carmen, Richard Reising
Percussion: Dwight Krueger, Michael McBride
Background Vocals: Dan Hrdlicka, Steve Knill, Dwight Krueger, Michael McBride, Richard Reising

1. I wanna hear it from your lips
   2. I'm through with love
   3. American as apple pie
   4. Living without your love
   5. Come back to my love
   6. She remembered
   7. You took me all the way
   8. Maybe my baby
   9. Spotlight
  10. The way we used to be