Eric Mercury

Eric Mercury (Mercury 1975)

Producers: Eric Mercury, Trevor Lawrence

Bass: Paul Stallworth, Ed Brown, Klaus Voormann
Drums: Jay Mitthauer, Jim Keltner, Eric Johnson, Gary Hodges
Guitar: Danny Kortchmar, Dennis Coffey, Jesse Ed Davis, Waddy Wachtel, Jeff Baxter, Vernon Burch, Lon Van Eaton, Gaye Delorme
Percussion: Gary Coleman, Trevor Lawrence
Piano: William Smith, David Foster, David Paich, Sonny Burke
Synthesizer: Larry Von Nash
Horns: Bobby Keys
, Doug Richardson, Trevor Lawrence
Backing Vocals: Lynda Lawrence, Venetta Fields, Carlina Williams

    1. Tell Me Love   
    2. Pours When It Pains   
    3. Princes Summerfallwinterspring   
    4. Colour Yesterdays   
    5. Sweetie-Pie   
    6. Down The Backstairs Of My Life   
    7. Forgive A Fool In Love   
    8. Nothing Last Forever
    9. Love Enough   
   10. No One