Erik Tagg

Smilin' Memories (EMI-Bovema 1975)

Producer: John D'Andrea

Guitars: Lee Ritenour, Ben Benay
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: Michael Porcaro
Keyboards: David Foster
Conga: King Errison
Percussion: Alan Estes
Flute: John D'Andrea
Trombone: Jim Amlotte
Background Vocals: Jackie Ward, Carolyn Willis, Rebecca Louis, John D'Amlotte, Kendun Fish, Tackle Choir

    1. Tell-tale eyes
    2. Love to love you
    3. Castle of lonelines
    4. Steamboat
    5. Sandman (bring me a dream)
    6. The only thing you said
    7. A fantasy
    8. After all
    9. In december's cold
   10. Never had the feelin'
   11. Hang on