Erik Tagg

Rendez-Vous (Poker 1977)

Producer: Hans Verneulen

Drums: George Lawrence III
Bass: Larry Tagg
Piano: Bert Liggon
Guitar: Adam Palma Jr., Han Vermeulen
Percussion; Ron Snyder, Wim van de Beck
Horns: Art Osbone, Scott Walker, Jeff Richey, Wayne Harrison
Background Vocals; Dianne Marchal, Kristine Holcombe, Noary Hayns, Larry Tagg, Anita Meyer, Martha Pendleton, Jan Verneulen, Hans Vermeulen

    1. Got To Be Lovin' You
    2. Rendez-vous
    3. Lover With Stature
    4. Fancy Meeting You
    5. Marja's Tune
    6. Babies
    7. Mutual Feeling
    8. Soul Touch
    9. Life Goes On (without me)
   10. Living Off The Love (bonus track)
   11. The Love I Gave (bonus track)
   12. Who Are You? (bonus track)
   13. Will They Be Listening (bonus track)