Franne Golde

Frannie Golde (Atlantic 1976)

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Producers : Charles Calello, Bert De Coteaux, Michael Delugg, Tony Silvestre

Drums : Allen Schwartzberg, Jimmy Young
Bass : Bob Babbitt
Guitars : Jerry Friedman, Jeff Layton, Jeff Mironov, Lance Quinn
Keyboards : Stephen Burns, Franne Golde, John Stroll
Percussion : George Devens, Howard Levy, Carl Martin
Background vocals : Jo Anna Brownel, Bernadene Davis, Jan Hruby

1. Love is
   2. I'm hypnotized
   3. Do you want to be a dreamer (dream on)
   4. Time has a way (and it's getting better)
   5. All you need is love
   6. Just for tonight
   7. Stop (and look around)
   8. Save me (I'm falling in love again)
   9. I'm going to make it (without you)
  10. As long as there's music