Gary Portnoy

Gary Portnoy (Columbia 1980)

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Producer: David Wolfert

Drums: Barry Lazarowitz, Rob Blumenthal
Guitars: David Wolfert, Don Sarlin
Bass: Stu Woods, Llyod Donnelly
Piano: Gary Portnoy
Organ: Ralph Schuckett
Synthesizers: David Wolfert
Percussion: Barry Lazarowitz
Sax: George Young
Background Vocals: Erin Dickins, Rick Robinson, Phil McAlpine

1. It's gonna be a long night
    2. The driver
    3. Half moon
    4. The lady is a liar
    5. Late night confession
    6. When the night ends
    7. You can't get away with that
    8. Goodbyenever felt this good
    9. Come to me tonight
   10. Say goodnigh