George Duke

Master Of The Game (Epic 1979)

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Producer: George Duke

Drums: Ricky Lawson
Bass: Byron Miller, Fred Washington
Guitars: David Myles, Roland Bautista, Ray Obeido
Keyboards: George Duke
Synthesizer: George Duke
Percussion: Sheila Escovedo
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Herbig, Bill Reichenbach, Gary Grant
Vocals: George Duke, Napoleon Brock, Lynn Davis, Josie James

1. Look what you find
    2. Every little step I take
    3. Games
    4. I want you for myself
    5. In the distance
    6. I love you more
    7. Dog-man
    8. Everybody's talkin
    9. Part I: The Alien challenges the stick
        Part II: The Alien succumbs to the macho intergalactic