George Duke

Dream On (Epic 1982)

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Producer: George Duke

Drums: Leon Ndugu Chancler
Bass: Byron Miller
Guitars: Mike Sembello, Charles Icarus Johnson
Keyboards: George Duke
Synthesizer: George Duke
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Percussion: Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Larry Williams, Gary Grant
Vocals: George Duke, Carl Carlwell, Sybil Thomas, Dee Hendricks, Deborah Thomas, Flora Purim, Jean Carn

1. Shine on
    2. You
    3. dream on
    4. I will always be your friend
    5. Framed
    6. Ride on love
    7. Son of reach for it (The funky dream)
    8. Someday
    9. Positive energy
   10. Let your love shine