George Duke

Rendezvous (Epic 1984)

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Producer: George Duke

Drums: Steve Ferrone, John Robinson, Leon Ndugu Chancler
Bass: Nathan East, Byron Miller
Guitars: Paul Jackson, Mike Sembello, Charles Fearing
Keyboards: George Duke
Synthesizer: George Duke
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Sax: Ernie Watts
Horns: Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Gary Herbig
Vocals: George Duke, Lynn Davis, Josie James

1.  Got to get back to love
    2. Stay awhile
    3. Secret rendezvous
    4. Thinking of you
    5. Take it on
    6. She can wait forever
    7. Better ways
    8. Your life
    9. Ipanema lady