Gino Cunico

Gino Cunico (Arista 1976)

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Producer: Vini Poncia

Drums: Kirk Bruner, Gerry Reba, Jim Keltner
Bass: Cooker Lo Presti, Gene Kurtz
Guitars: David Wolfert, Johnny Vastano, Caleb Quaye
Keyboards: Stanley Schwartz, Jim Mandell, James Newton Howard, Kevin Crossly
Percussion: Lenny Castro
Horns: Tom Saviano, Rich Felts, Doug Wintz
Background Vocals: Vini Poncia, Melissa Manchester, Brie Howard, Wendy Haas, Joe Bean, The Faragher Bros.

1. Daydreamer
    2. She's sweet, she's somebody
    3. Can't hold on any longer
    4. When I wanted you
    5. Fanny (be tender with my love)
    6. Can't smile without you
    7. Don't throw it all away
    8. Don't get around much anymore
    9. Emptiness
   10. Can't hold on any longer (reprise)