Glenn Shorrock

Villain of the Peace (Capitol 1983)

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Producer: John Boylan

Drums: Michael Botts
Bass: Bob Glaub, Scott Chambers
Guitars: Andrew Gold, Kevin Dukes, Jeff Baxter, John Boylan, Waddy Wachtel
Keyboards: Bill Payne, Jai Winding
Synthesizer: Steve Davis, Michael Boddicker
Percussion: Geoffrey Hales, Paul Grupp
Harmonica: Jimmie Fadden
Sax: Tom Scott
Background Vocals: Timothy B. Schmit, Marcy Levy, Randy Meisner, Karla Bonoff, Brian Cadd, Tom Kelly

1. Don't girls get lonely
    2. A cry in a jungle bar
    3. Secrets
    4. Angry words
    5. Villain of the peace
    6. Rock 'n roll soldier
    7. Til I loved you
    8. Onwards and upwards
    9. Haunting me
   10. Will you stand with me?