Graham Dee

Somethin' Else (Pye 1978)


Producers: Graham Dee, Richard Niles

Bass: Paul Westward
Drums: Frank Gibson, Jr.
Electric Piano, Piano: Paul Hart
Guitar: Kevin Peek, Lawrence Juber, Ricky Hitchcock
Marimba: Frank Ricotti
Percussion: Simon Morton
Alto Saxophone, Flute: Ray Warleigh

    1. Cheatin' On Love   
    2. Lifetime With You   
    3. Rain   
    4. Love, Where Are You Now   
    5. Falling   
    6. As Long As I'm Close To You   
    7. Time   
    8. Couldn't Believe My Eyes   
    9. Starlight, Starbright   
   10. Sad Song   
   11. Another Night Alone   
   12. Somethin' Else