Greg Phillinganes

Pulse (Planet 1984)

Producer: Richard Perry

Drums: Carlos Vega, John Robinson
Guitars: David Williams, Robbie Nevil, Carlos Rios, Dennis Herring
Bass: Nathan East
Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes
Synthesizers: Greg Phillinganes, Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks, Howie Rice
Vocoder: Michael Boddicker
horns: Jerry Hey, Jackie Jackson
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Background Vocals: Richard Page, John Arias, John Vigran, Julia Tillman, Maxine Willard, Clydene Jackson, Darryl Phinnesse, Steve George, Phil Perry, Maxi Anderson

1. Behind the mask
   2. Won't be long now
   3. Playin' with fire
   4. I have dreamed
   5. Come as you are
   6. Lazy Nina
   7. Signals
   8. Countdown to love
   9. Shake it