Gypsy (Metromedia 1970)


Producer: Enrico Rosenbaum, Glen Pace, Jim Walsh

Bass: Doni Larson
Drums: Jay Epstein
Guitar: Enrico Rosenbaum, James C. Johnson
Keyboards: Jim Walsh
Percussion: Enrico Rosenbaum, Jim Walsh
Vocals: Enrico Rosenbaum, Jim Walsh, James C. Johnson

    1. Gypsy Queen - Part One
    2. Gypsy Queen - Part Two
    3. Man Of Reason
    4. Dream If You Can
    5. Late December
    6. The Third Eye
    7. Decisions
    8. I Was So Young
    9. Here In My Loneliness
   10. More Time
   11. The Vision
   12. Dead And Gone
   13. Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard