James Felix

White As Snow (Light Records 1980)

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Producer: Bill Maxwell

Piano and Fender Rhodes: Louis Pardini
Guitars: Hadley Hockensmith
Bass: Hadley Hockensmith
Drums: Bill Maxwell
Percussion: Alex Acuna
Organ: Michael Escalante
Synthesizer: Larry Williams
Sax: Steve Tavaglione
Trumpets: Allen Gregory, Fletch Wiley
Background Vocals: Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary, Kristle Murden

   1. I Really Love You
   2. That's What It Takes
   3. White As Snow
   4. Open Up
   5. He Is Coming Back Again
   6. The Light Of His Love
   7. I Don't Want Much
   8. I've Been Runnin' Too Long
   9. He's All That
  10. Let's Reach Out