James Griffin

Breakin' Up Is Easy (Polydor 1974)

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Producers: James Griffin and Robb Royer

Drums: Russ Kunkel, Mike Botts
Bass: Lee Sklar, David Gates, Larry Knechtel
Guitars: James Griffin, Jeff Baxter, Larry Knechtel, Robb Royer
Piano: Robb Royer, Larry Knechtel
Sax: Curtis Amy, Jim Horn
All Vocals: James Griffin

1. Breakin' up is easy
    2. Someday
    3. Love you till the cows come home
    4. She knows
    5. Father and son
    6. You'll get along
    7. Lifeline
    8. Goin' back to Boston
    9. Only know
   10. Love to light the way