James Lee Stanley

James Lee Stanley, Too (Wooden Nickel 1973)

Producers: James Lee Stanley and Barry Alan Fasman

Drums: Russ Kunkel, Jim Gordon
Bass: Mark Tulin
Guitars: Larry Carlton, James Lee Stanley, John Batdorf
Piano: Michael Omartian, John Barlow Jarvis
Organ: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Russ Kunkel
Horns: Chuck Findley, Paul Hubinon, Lew McCreary, Ernie Watts, Jim Horn
Background Vocals: Don Dunn, Deed Abbate

1. Tried to keep it together
    2. Free way wine
    3. You need two
    4. A little applause
    5. This could be goodbye
    6. Hello babe
    7. Natural sugar
    8. You into me (we can make it)
    9. Wishing well
   10. Lydia (a song of seduction)