James Lee Stanley

Three's The Charm (Wooden Nickel 1974)

Producer: James Lee Stanley

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Bass: Colin Cameron
Guitars: Larry Carlton, Emmett Chapman
Piano: Michael Omartian, John Barlow Jarvis
Organ: Michael Omartian
Percussion: Russ Kunkel
Horns: Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Lew McCreary, Ollie Mitchell, Bud Brisbois
Background Vocals: Don Dunn, Stephen Bishop

1. Windmill
   2. Eclipse
   3. Plenty of reason (for going)
   4. Tale from a blue comet
   5. Growing panes
   6. The getaway
   7. Tales
   8. Caduceus blues (cortisone)
   9. Every reason
  10. The round round
  11. Come on in
  12. Star