James Lee Stanley

Midnight Radio (Regency 1980)

Producer: James Lee Stanley

Drums: Scotty Matthews, Thom Mooney
Bass: Maurice Cridlin, Veylor Hildebrand, Paul Socolow
Guitars: Scott Strong, James Lee Stanley, Bonnie Raitt
Keyboards: John Barlow Jarvis, Vince Melamed, James Lee Stanley
Synthesizer: Dale Ockerman
Percussion: Sheila Escovedo, James Lee Stanley
Harmonica: Stephan Turner
Background Vocals: James Lee Stanley, Pamela Stanley

1. Anywhere love goes
    2. Just like love
    3. Midnight radio
    4. Rowboat in the attic
    5. Worry 'bout you
    6. Too late now
    7. I don't care
    8. Born to love you
    9. In your pocket
   10. Even cowgirls get the blues