James Taylor

Walking Man (Warner Bros. 1974)

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Producer: David Spinozza

Drums: Rick Marotta
Bass: Andy Muson
Guitars: James Taylor, David Spinozza, Hugh McCraken
Piano: Kenny Ascher, David Spinozza, Don Grolnick, Ralph Schuckett
Percussion: Ralph MacDonald
Harmonica: Hugh McCracken
Horns: Kenny Berger, Barry Rogers, Michael Brecker, George Young, Alan Rubin, Randy Brecker
Background Vocals: Paul and Linda McCartney, Carly Simon, Rick Marotta, Peter Asher

1. Walking man
    2. Rock 'n' roll is music now
    3. Let it fall down
    4. Me and my guitar
    5. Daddy's baby
    6. Ain't no song
    7. Hello old friend
    8. Migration
    9. The promised land
   10. Fading away