James Taylor

Flag (Columbia 1979)

taylor79 (4001 byte)

Producer: Peter Asher

Drums: Russ Kunkel
Bass: Leland Sklar
Guitars: Danny Kortchmar, James Taylor, Waddy Wachtel, Dan Dugmore
Keyboards: Don Grolnick, Ralph Schuckett
Percussion: Steve Forman, Peter Asher
Sax: David Sanborn
Background Vocals: Graham Nash, Alex Taylor, Peter Asher, Carly Simon, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller

1. Company man
   2. Johnnie come back
   3. Day tripper
   4. I will not lie for you
   5. Brother trucker
   6. Is that the way you look?
   7. B.S.U.R.
   8. Rainy day man
   9. Millworker
  10. Up on the roof
  11. Chanson francaise
  12. Sleep come free me