James Taylor

Dad Loves His Work (Columbia 1981)

taylor81 (6063 byte)

Producer: Peter Asher

Drums: Rick Marotta
Bass: Leland Sklar
Guitars: Dan Dugmore, Waddy Wachtel, James Taylor
Keyboards: Don Grolnick
Synthesizers: Bill Cuomo
Percussion: Rick Marotta, Peter Asher
Harmonica: Fingers Taylor
Background Vocals: David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, John David Souther

1. Hard times
   2. Her town too
   3. Hour that the morning comes
   4. I will follow
   5. Believe it or not
   6. Stand and fight
   7. Only for me
   8. Summer's here
   9. Sugar trade
  10. London town
  11. That lonesome road