James Taylor

Never Die Young (Columbia 1988)

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Producer: Don Grolnick

Drums: Carlos Vega
Bass: Leland Sklar, Jay Leonhart
Guitars: Bob Mann, James Taylor, Dan Dugmore, Jeff Mironov
Keyboards: Don Grolnick
Synthesizer: Bill Payne
Harmonica: Greg Taylor
Percussion: Carlos Vega
Sax: Michael Brecker
Background Vocals: James Taylor, Arnold McCuller, Rosemary Butler, David Lasley, Lani Groves

1. Never die young
    2. T-Bone
    3. Baby boom baby
    4. Runaway boy
    5. Valentine's day
    6. Sun on the moon
    7. Sweet potato pie
    8. Home by another way
    9. Letter in the mail
   10. First of may