James Taylor

New Moon Shine (Columbia 1991)

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Producer: Don Grolnick, Danny Kortchmar

Drums: Carlos Vega, Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Tony Levin
Guitars: James Taylor, Michael Landau, Danny Kortchmar
Keyboards: Don Grolnick
Synthesizer: Don Grolnick, Clifford Carter
Percussion: Don Alias
Sax: Branford Marsalis, Michael Brecker
Horns: Bob Mintzer, Randy Brecker, Dave Bargeon
Background Vocals: Valerie Carter, David Lasley, Kate Markowitz, Arnold McCuller, Philip Ballou

1. Copperline
   2. Down in the hole
   3. (I've got to) Stop thinkin' 'bout that
   4. Shed a little light
   5. The frozen Man
   6. Slap leather
   7. Like everyone she knows
   8. One more go round
   9. Everybody loves to cha cha cha
  10. Native son
  11. Oh brother
  12. The waters is wide