James Taylor

Hourglass (Columbia 1997)

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Producers: Frank Filipetti and James Taylor

Drums: Carlos Vega
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Edgar Meyer
Guitars: James Taylor, Bob Mann, Dan Dugmore
Keyboards: Clifford Carter
Percussion: Carlos Vega
Harmonica: Stevie Wonder, James Taylor
Sax: Branford Marsalis, Michael Brecker
Background Vocals: Valerie Carter, Arnold McCuller, Kate Markowitz, David Lasley

1. Line 'em up
   2. Enough to be on your way
   3. Little more time with you
   4. Gaia
   5. Ananas
   6. Jump up behind me
   7. Another day
   8. Up er mei
   9. Up from your life
  10. Yellow and rose
  11. Boatman
  12. Walking my baby back home