Jess Roden

The Player Not The Game (Island 1977)

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Producer: Joel Dorn

Drums: Gary Mure, Buddy Williams
Bass: Anthony Jackson, Francisco Centeno, Milt Hinton
Guitars: Clifford Morris, John Tropea, Charlie Brown, Lance Quinn, Jeff Mironov
Keyboards: Leon Pendarvis, Rob Mounsey, Shirley Scott
Percussion: Erroll Bennett, Rubens Bassini
Sax: Harold Vick, Scott Hamilton
Background Vocals: Michael Lee Gray, Delores Hall, Benny Diggs, Arnold McCuller

1. Misty roses
    2. Sensation
    3. Lonely avenue
    4. The quiet sound of you and I
    5. The hardest blow
    6. Drinking again
    7. Woman across the water
    8. In me tonight